Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. How long has Gordon Finch Homes Been in Business?

After working as a foundation subcontractor for two years, Gordon made the decision to become a builder in 1974. The first house took approximately one year to build - due largely to the fact that it was built entirely by the company's only employee - Gordon. As time passed, the decision was made that Gordon Finch Homes would build a niche in the market by focusing on custom home sales, service and quality.

2. How many homes do you build each year?

At Gordon Finch Homes, quantity always takes a back seat to quality. We do not aspire to build the most houses - simply the best houses. Depending upon the complexity of homes under construction, we build 15 to 30 homes each year. Typically, 70% of our homes are custom built and 30% are built as spec homes.

3. Is Gordon Finch Homes available to build on my lot or acreage?

Yes, if you have property or would like to consult a professional builder before purchasing land, the Gordon Finch Homes team is available to build on your property.

4. I am having a hard time picking out a floor plan, can you help?

Absolutely. Unlike other builders, we do not have a predetermined number of floor plans for you to choose from. The only thing that will limit your floor plan selection will be the zoning laws and government regulations that apply to the lot you wish to build on. The plans we build are based on the individual needs of our customers. Customers can bring in a plan they want to build, customize a plan that they like or fill out our New Customer Questionnaire and have Gordon find or create a plan that fits their needs.

5. How do you know what amenities I want in my house?

We have a thorough "New Customer Questionnaire" that will help you create a detailed list of amenities you are wanting. When Gordon Finch Homes quotes a price to build, we will provide a detailed specification sheet that will be used to build your house and ensure that it is clear what is included in your price. Along with the spec sheet, customers will receive a proposal letter that will quote a price for the home. The proposal letter will include a base price to build along with any option pricing that the customer may have requested. The proposal letter format allows our customers to weigh out their options and add and/or delete amenities as they wish.

6. I know what I want, but I'm not sure how to explain it.

If you love it and want it included in your home, take a picture or rip a page out of a magazine and bring it to us.

7. I am nervous about making selection for my house. When do I start? Does anybody help?

Shortly after your foundation has been back filled, we will send you a customer vendor letter. This letter outlines the selection process and will let you know who to call and will also give you the dates by when selections have to be made. The subcontractors and suppliers are all experts in their field and you will find their insight and skill comforting as you move through the decision making process. (All part of the GFH team)

8. What steps do you take to prevent errors and increase quality?

We have eight checklists that are performed at the end of each key phase in the construction process. Each of these checklists have been developed over forty years of building. The checklists are a constant work in progress as houses get more and more complicated and new items are added to ensure a quality end product.